Full public inquiry: Appeal for 6 houses at 51/61 Main Rd

The Appeal for 6 more houses behind the two under construction on Main Road was to be an informal ‘around a table’ hearing, however the Planning Inspector has now changed it to a full Public Inquiry.   Statements and Interested Parties comments are now due by 25th April.
Henderson Homes were refused permission in Oct 2016, ref 16/4306C , because it would impair the efficiency of JBO.  It is interesting to note that the field in question is next to the site that Gladman appealed (and lost) last year; the Secretary of State agreeing with the Planning Inspector in his decision “that the protection of Jodrell Bank Observatory as a facility of international importance transcends the housing land supply circumstances of the case. The Secretary of State therefore attaches considerable weight to Policy PS10.”
Link to the Appeals page ref 3166025 (to read the appellant’s statement of case click on Documents).  

There is currently an application 17/0680 for just one more house behind the two nearing completion – on the same footprint as one of the six – with a decision target date of 6th April. (Should this be deferred until after the Appeal?) 

Henderson Homes Appeal Inquiry site
Gladman site in red above Henderson Homes appeal site

Sept 2016: 16/4306C refused
Sept 2016: 16/4306C refused


In Oct 2016 JBO opposed the application for 6 houses on the site, “In the case of the proposal 16/4306C , we oppose this development. Our view is that the impact from the additional potential contribution to the existing level of interference coming from that direction will be relatively minor. This is a general direction in which there is already significant development close to the telescope. We note that this application is one of a series that Emery Planning Partnership has made for this site….”

15/3131C  for 7 dwellings: JBO opposed and was refused Oct 2015.
15/5517C  for 2 dwellings: JBO opposed but was approved Feb 2016.
16/4306C for 6 dwellings: JBO opposed and was refused Oct 2016.
17/0680N, for 1 dwelling: JBO opposing 23/2/17.
“Jodrell Bank Observatory now opposes development across a significant part of the consultation zone as a matter of principle, in order to protect the efficiency of the Jodrell Bank radio telescope’s ability to receive radio emissions from space with a minimum of interference from electrical equipment.”
Appeal ref: 3166025

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