Garden waste starts again

Just a reminder that garden waste collections start again next week.

The Council stopped the garden waste collections for 4 months to save more than £1m over the next four years.

Councillor David Topping, Cabinet member in charge of the environment, at a Cabinet meeting on 4th March,said “It was a strategic decision based on alternative delivery options and it avoided importantly the need to introduce charges for the collection of green waste.  We didn’t want to introduce charges for the collection of green waste, yet we are committed to saving £2.5m from the budget so we had to make a decision, we’d already got 2 months from previous years of not collecting green waste so we decided to extend it.”

Cllr Topping continued “We realised there would be a reputation issue and it would not be popular with everybody but as I have said before it did affect the least number of people for only a specific period of time. So it was thought to be the best decision available to us at the time.  We did not want to charge, a lot of Councils are actually starting to charge for green waste collection, we do not want to go down that route. What I can say is that we learned a lot from this period.

“We did get the dates wrong, and we weren’t helped by the weather as well, the winds and so on. The leaves did not start to fall until the end of November so that did not help us either, but nevertheless we went ahead.  There will be a review when this period finishes and that will be published and go out to consultation as well so the lessons we have learnt from this, particularly on dates, can be built into this decision for the coming year.”

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