Gladman win Brereton/Holmes Chapel appeal

Planning permission has been granted at appeal for 190 homes in Brereton on the Holmes Chapel border; the emerging CEC Local Plan and Brereton’s Neighbourhood Plan being afforded only limited weight.

The Secretary of State concluded “that the sustainability of the appeal scheme along with the fact that the relevant policies for the supply of housing land in Cheshire East are out of date outweigh the fact that the NP [Neighbourhood Plan] has only relatively recently been made and the limited landscape and visual harm, and that the adverse impacts of the scheme do not significantly and demonstrably outweigh its benefits when assessed against the policies of the Framework taken as a whole.”

“It is clear that the Brereton community has put a considerable effort into preparing the NP, and it is appreciated that it would be frustrating for one of the key policies to be accorded reduced weight due to the lack of a five year housing land supply in the District – a matter over which the Parish has no control. But there is a significant national housing shortage and, if the LP [Local Plan] were delivering what national policy requires, the planning balance would have been different.”

read more: The Sec of State’s Decision

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    It’s still worth commenting on Goostrey’s neighbourhood plan as we may have a Local Plan soon. Once CE’s Local Plan has been ratified then by definition a ‘5 year Housing Supply’ is deemed to be in place.

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      … and when will Cheshire East’s plan be ratified ? because the current situation is that developers are using that to ‘trump’ villages own plans . I sometimes question how bothered about that CE actually is . Thankfully , Goostrey has the ace of trumps in this game : Jodrell Bank

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    Very sad day for the people of Brereton, I imagine.
    Given the timescales of this appeal, where does that leave Goostrey in his “work to do” tray, I wonder?

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      The Brereton decision was scheduled for the end of Oct….so hopefully the Shearbrook decision will be on time too at the end of November

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