Gladman’s Shear Brook inquiry: day one

The public inquiry started today to appeal the refusal of 119 homes in Goostrey less than 2 miles from Jodrell.  Cheshire East refused the plans last year; reasons included for example that it could have a detrimental impact on the telescope and the setting of Grade 11 listed Swanwick Hall.  Gladman appealed the refusal and now planning inspector Gareth Jones will hear evidence at the inquiry before the Secretary of State for Communities makes the final decision.

Professor Garrington with Christopher Katkowski QC
Professor Garrington with Christopher Katkowski QC, Landmark Chambers

JBO’s Professor Simon Garrington stated today that interference from elecronic items in the homes would be a “substantial threat” and irreversibly limit the telescope’s ability; “the efficient operation will be impaired”.

Such interference, he continued, would have a “detrimental effect on current internationally significant observations on timing pulsars” as well as being a threat to “future possibilities in observations”.

The Professor explained that the “precision and sensitivity of the Lovell needs to increase to remain competitive, to keep up and get better” not be threatened with increased interference from housing development.

“The whole iceberg has got bigger, not just the tip, and should not be tolerated” (Prof Garrington on interference)

Previously 7 Goostrey residents had spoken against the Gladman plan followed by evidence from Ms Emma Fairhurst on the importance of the heritage of Grade 11 listed Swanwick Hall; both the house itself and its setting in open fields.

Gladman’s Mr Richard Kimblin QC, No. 5 Chambers, will cross examine Professor Garrington on Wednesday 18th with a 9.30am start at The Stanneylands Hotel, Wilmslow.  Members of the public are welcome to attend.   (link to Day 2)




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