Gladman’s statement of case for Appeal

How can harm be proved before the act?

It is not surprising that Gladman have included Jodrell Bank Observatory in their Statement of Case for the forthcoming Appeal. Gladman say that no evidence has been put forward to show that the proposal will unacceptably impair JBO’s work.  Professor Garrington must find it more than frustrating that his objection and risk of harm is not reason enough to protect JBO’s future.

“2.2.10 The application is not contrary to policy PS10 because it has not been evidenced that the proposed development will unacceptably impair the efficiency of the Jodrell bank radio telescope.  Policy PS10 places the onus on the council to consult with Jodrell Bank Observatory and, where JBO posits an objection, to demonstrate that the proposed development will have an unacceptable impact on the operation of the telescope.  However, CEC has no evidence before it to support  a reason for refusal on the basis that the application cause conflict with policy PS10. ”

Gladman Statement of Case ShearBrook

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    I have never read such a load of rubbish as Gladman’s appeal statement about Jodrell Bank!! It is for Gladman to provide evidence to contradict Jodrell Bank and demonstrate the impact of their development on the efficiency of the telescope. However, as Professor Garrington is the only expert with experience of assessing the risk to the Lovell Telescope from terrestrial interference I don’t rate their chances!! No respectable Astrophysicist should contradict the Professor’s expert opinion. Particularly now Jodrell Bank have undertaken further research since the Twemlow appeal that has confirmed it is the largest and nearest developments close to the telescope that pose the highest risk of interference!!

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    For those residents who do not have an online facility would it be possible to write a letter objecting to the Gladman Appeal?If so do you have the address of the inspectorate handling this Appeal?ThanksChris Shenton

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      You can comment by letter, in triplicate, to
      Planning Inspectorate, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6 PN quoting APP/R0660/W/15/3129954 by 15th Oct. Any comments already made will be forwarded to the Inspectorate.

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        I suggest the main objections should be as the Hermitage Lane Appeal. A cumulative impact assessment should be requested to determine the level of intereference on JBO which should include all the development undertaken within JBO’s 6 mile consultation zone since 2010.

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