Gladman’s views on NPPF and Local Plan

The link below is a Parliament TV recording of Gladman providing evidence to the Communities and Local Government Committee on the operation of the NPPF; it includes some interesting comments on their approach and their views on Cheshire East’s Local Plan ……  July 2014.


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    So Gladman and co believe council planners are right when they approve applications but wrong when they write a 5 year plan – surprise, surprise,

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    Their statement on their website is illuminating, looks like they only take on sites that they have confidence in gaining planning permission for ( ‘Gladman don’t take an option on your land – instead we agree to promote your site now. Gladman pay all costs (fees, consultants,barristers, etc) needed to achieve planning consent including appeal costs when necessary – £300,000+ for a typical site. Gladman only get paid once the site has planning consent and is sold – our motivation to succeed is clear.’
    ….If Jodrell Bank are concerned then they will need to provide a robust defence!!

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