Goodbye 2020

Well! As The Ronnies would say after their sketch on TV.

“It’s Goodnight from Him and Goodnight from Me”.

And so, As The Editors will say this evening, from Andrew, Charlotte and Me.

Happy New Year!


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    Thank you Tony Taylor for the Night Of Inspirational Messages, that set the ambiance for reflection on year 2020.


    Sarah McNaught
    Publishing Director

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    Hi there. Thanks for your posts this year and for publishing my photo. A quick question- are any of your followers aware of a Xmas tree pick up service in our village in aid of charity. Relatively new to the village and haven’t seen anything?

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      Hi Clare, East Cheshire Hospice are taking details of Xmas tree pick ups. They have scheduled the 9th and 10th of January. However, you will need to pre-book. I will find out for you the details relating to booking.

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