Goostrey expansion strictly controlled

In 1986 the BBC launched an ambitious project to record a snapshot of everyday life across the UK for future generations.   It is interesting to read the entries for Goostrey nearly 3 decades on and particularly pertinent to read the comment on housing development:

“Expansion of the village has been strictly controlled because

  of the proximity to Jodrell Bank telescope.” Domesday 1986

As we heard at the recent Parish Council AGM , the Lovell Telescope is still as important to Jodrell Bank as it was in 1986.  It still contributes to keeping the UK at the forefront of Radio Astronomy, as it has been for the last 50 years.  Let’s not let developers put the Lovell telescope at risk for the sake of a few houses which aren’t needed or wanted.

Perhaps it is now time that stricter controls are reintroduced so that Jodrell Bank’s world leading research and objections to large developments in the village are sustained through the planning process.

Other entries cover aspects of the village from farming and employment to gooseberries and RoseDay.

read more….Goostrey Domesday pages.

from the BBC's Domesday project 1986
from the BBC’s Domesday project 1986


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