Goostrey Footpaths Group

We are an informal group of volunteers who work in co-operation with Goostrey Parish Council and Cheshire East Council Public Rights of Way Unit to maintain and improve rural footpaths around the village, making them more enjoyable and accessible to all, and to encourage the use of these footpaths.  


Our principal publication ‘More Goostrey Walks and Strolls’ containing details of nine varied length walks around Goostrey is unfortunately now out of print.  However, thanks to our friends at Love Goostrey, you can find, download and print as much as you like of this book FREE OF CHARGE from the Love Goostrey website.


In 2013 we worked with Cheshire East Council to create two new permanent footpaths linking Goostrey with Over Peover.  A leaflet describing the new paths and detailing two new walks is available free from Goostrey Post Office and Village Store.  Please contact us if you have difficulty getting a copy.


We are also responsible for the oak signposts around the village and are currently in the process of repairing or replacing several which are suffering from old age.  


We always welcome new members or supporters so, if you have an interest in our local footpaths,  please get in touch with us (see Organisations on this website) and we will be pleased to tell you more about what we do and encourage you to get involved!  In particular, we have an urgent need to revamp our very out of date website (  but lack the skills to do so.  Any offers of help either to update this website or produce a new one would be greeted with open arms.


If you have comments or questions regarding local footpaths and walking routes, please get in touch with us – we would love to hear from you and will do our best to take suitable action.




Yours Truly,

Charlotte Fellows

Researcher and Writer




 Sarah McNaught

Managing Director




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    The website is fully functional and The Footpaths Group are in need of a voluntary service to update their own site.

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