Goostrey Footpaths Group is an informal group of volunteers who work in co-operation with Goostrey Parish Council, and The Cheshire East Council Public Rights of Way Unit, to maintain and improve rural footpaths around the village, making them more enjoyable and accessible to all, to encourage the use of provided footpaths that safeguard Farm land and vulnerable species of fauna and flora.

More details are to follow from the organisation in due course, and details of their books, that outline past, present and future walks around Goostrey and District.

Thank you all!


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    Hi I was wondering how you get involved in this group, I love walking and enjoy our local path, I would like to help in any way I can.
    Many thanks

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      Hi Mila. Margaret Baker here. Do give me a ring or an email and I’ll let you know more about the Footpath Group. We are always looking for more people to join our group. You can see a bit more about us under our entry in the Organisations section of Love Goostrey, including a reminder that our Walks book More Goostrey Walks and Strolls is available to download from Love Goostrey.

      I look forward to hearing from you!

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    Margaret Baker runs this group. I will ….post her contact number in a moment. ‘Watch This Space’. …

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    Goostrey Footpaths Group is organised by Margaret Baker. Telephone her for news and how to become involved on:
    01477 534238.
    She can bring you up to speed in the slow-lane of the latest information on walks.

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    Would it be possible for the footpaths group to look at the path that leads from hermitage lane towards the bidlea dairy and the turf fields. Unfortunately it’s becoming increasingly impassable and the top end is muddy all year round, not just at the moment. It’s a relatively short area and I’m sure a load of hard core would solve the problem altogether. It’s such a lovely walk in the summer and would love to start using it again with my dog in this lockdown but it’s just too muddy. Thanks for all that you do.

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      Thank you Clare, it certainly is a special route, and also, the fenced footpath to Goostrey is becoming inaccessible due to various issues.
      I will investigate this further with the Parish Council firstly, to ascertain whether the footpath is to be maintained, by who and when.

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