Dear Friends 

I was up early this morning and as I opened the front window blinds it was clear blue sky.  That was a lovely greeting to meet me. When I opened the back blinds it was cloudy. By the  time I’d had my first cup of tea, it was a mixture of both sunshine and light cloud. How this  made me think about where we are today! We all long for the clear blue skies, though like  many of us, Pete doesn’t like it too hot. What we have at the moment is the mixture of  sunshine and cloud. The clouds are getting lighter as we move towards the clearer blue sky.  

As well as this being true about Covid I think it’s true about where we are as people as well.  There are those who long for the sunshine and clear blue skies and there are those who still  feel the need of a bit of shelter. As we approach this freedom as it’s being called we do so with  caution and care for one another. We watch out for each other and respond to individual  needs as much as we can. I know, having spoken to some, that churches are trying to decide  how to move out of restrictions into a freer way of being.  

I know there is great care in the churches for your congregations and you will responsibly look  after one another.  

The same is the case following the Conference decisions that have been made. It is too early  to do any more than pray at the moment and treat each other with the same love, care and  respect that everyone, and I mean everyone, deserves. It is a debate that has over the years  been sensitively conducted and we need to have the same sensitivity as we continue forward.  The decisions made will not come into effect until September 2021 and even then there is  work to do before anything will change. Guidance will come from Conference to help us  through the next part of our discerning and your ministers will let you know as that happens.  Please continue to hold that love, care and respect for people’s feelings, remembering people  are in different places with different emotions. Most importantly, let us hold each other in our  prayers.  

All the Conference agenda items are online if you want another chance to watch them now.  You can find them on the Methodist Website under the ‘Conference 2021’ and ‘Watch Again’  page. 

I know that many are planning holidays and some are already away. Do enjoy this summer’s offer of relaxation and a slower pace. You all continue to be in my prayers.  

 Circuit Registered Charity No. 1134464 

Superintendent: Revd Yvonne J Pearson MA, B.Min.Th

Go in peace to love and serve the world.  

Be blessed and bless those you meet in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  

For those wishing to join the weekly service at Holmes Chapel via Zoom on a Sunday, the link  is on the Circuit Website 

Grace and peace in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ 

Be assured of my ongoing thoughts and prayers  

Superintendent Minister of the Dane & Trent Circuit.  

Contact Revd. Yvonne J Pearson on 07714243627 or email 



We welcome you to Worship 

I thought I might remind friends of  the Goostrey Mission Statement that was proposed many years ago.


We believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour and in the power of the Holy Spirit recongnising we are called to be a welcoming, praying Church and to share in God’s mission of love to the world. We value our Methodist heritage and welcome the opportunity to co-operate with other churches.  Our obective is growth.

Growth as individuals in our relationship with God.

Growth in richness of sharing together in the life of the Church.

Growth through leading others to Christ.


SERVICES 18th July 25th July @4pm
Preacher Own Arrangement  Revd. Y Pearson
Steward Chris John
Organist Kathy Kathy
Door Steward Linda Graham
Prayer Pauline Brian
Church Cleaning Ann & Brian Diane & Delyth


The Fellowship – We haven’t got a funeral date for Mike yet but will advise you as soon as we have.   Our prayers and thoughts are with  Margaret, who is still at Weston Park Care Home, Weaver Unit. 

 Please continue to pray and support, in love, those in the fellowship who are going through very hard times. We also pray for those we know who are ill at this time.


School Hall Reopening  – The Hall is now in use for certain groups and we welcome them back  but due to further restrictions some of the hall users will not now be in use until after July 20th.


Please note if anyone has to enter the hall or annex (e.g. for maintenance, access to cupboards, cleaning etc.) they must sanitise all surfaces they have touched to keep the area safe for other users.


Village Appeal- The amount of the appeal so far has risen to £ 4500 ! and more donations are coming through   from which will in due course receive an additional at least  £642 in gift aid.  


Congleton Food Store – We are asking again for donations of dried, or tins of food to be placed in the box in the foyer, but remember they need to be in date.  Many thanks.

Please bring your goodies to Church  and put them in the box as usual.  Thank you.


Circuit On-line Services – As we are now able to worship in person in a number of the Circuit’s churches, the Sunday Zoom service has been ended.  We are however, going to attempt to Zoom from one of our churches.  If you wish to try it this Sunday the link is on the Circuit Website 


CU Money –  now stands at £860.45.  Remember you can still make a contribution via Diane’s letterbox.


Circuit Website – There are new images every week so don’t forget to have a look at the newlook Home page and tell the new team what you think at (


Newsnotes –   Please note that I am now doing the newsnotes so if you have anything to report please let me know by Wed of each week, thank you. 


 If you know of anyone who would like to receive the newsnotes and don’t already, then please let me know.


Tel:  533159.

And finally :

Evening Thoughts.


If angels asked you what you did

What you achieved today,

Would it be hard to answer them 

And just what would you say?

We can’t accomplish mammoth tasks,

Small jobs we need to do,

But, maybe, you just lend a hand,

Or shared a smile or two,

Perhaps you sent a greetings card

Or simply made a call?

By lifting someone’s heart and mind

You left them walking tall.

So, as the day fades fast away

And you lie down to rest,

You’ll hear the angels whispering,

“Well done, you did your best”





Yours Truly,

Charlotte Fellows

Researcher and Writer




 Sarah McNaught

 Managing Director



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    Thank you Rvrd. Yvonne for such an uplifting article.
    As you outlined, it is about many people being considerate to others’ needs. Simple actions speak volumes of testimony.
    My simple act of kindness was to weed and water my neighbour’s front garden. They always cared for others, now it is time for them to be cared for.
    Kind regards,

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