Goostrey PC vote for a Neighbourhood Plan

Goostrey Parish Council voted for a Neighbourhood Plan for the village last night.  As one councillor put it, Goostrey “is not normal”, in that we have the Lovell radio telescope on our doorstep and do not wish to harm its observations.  Goostrey will therefore need to engage with the Jodrell Bank Observatory at an early stage:

Peter Godfrey, Chairman, Goostrey Parish Council,

At its monthly meeting on January 13th, Goostrey Parish Council voted to develop a Neighbourhood Plan and accordingly established a Neighbourhood Planning Sub-Committee to take this forward.  The Council believes this is a long-term project which is extremely unlikely to have a direct bearing on the Gladman planning application.  It could however help the village influence the extent and type of development in the village up to 2030.  The early tasks for the committee will be to define its Terms of Reference, hold discussions with Cheshire East Planning and decide on what area should constitute the Goostrey ‘Neighbourhood’. 

After this has been done, there will be a need to communicate what is happening to the wider village community and seek volunteers from outside the Parish Council to become involved in steering and working on the project.  The Parish Council also voted in favour of consulting, in parallel with the above first steps, with the Department for Communities and Local Government(DCLG) to find out how best to incorporate the views of the Jodrell Bank Observatory in the Neighbourhood Planning process.  Fiona Bruce will be asked to set up a meeting with DCLG.”

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    Good news -it is a pity that it has taken GPC so long to come up with this. It was discussed together with a housing survey when Michael Jones attended GPC AGM in April 2013 and from subsequent GPC meeting minutes it appears was rejected on the grounds of cost and effort required. It is good that GPC is going to seek volunteers from outside GPC which hopefully will enable the plan to better reflect the interests/needs of the villagers.
    [The parish council have to lead the NP committee but there will be a lot of work involved – too much for the volunteer councillors to take on, on top of their normal workload. Village volunteers will be essential. ..LoveGoostrey]

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      It is good news but what Michael Jones was talking about at the AGM was the Local Plan and not a neighbourhood plan. Times and guidance have changed in only two years. There is a mammoth task ahead of us all, but if we get involved and support the Parish Council we can ensure we pass on a peaceful but vibrant rural village onto the next generation to enjoy ( and also ensure Jodrell Bank has a long and useful life furthering the science of radio astronomy).

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    With respect Martin Michael Jones DID mention a Neighbourhood plan along with a village housing survey (I have a recording of the session). I entirely agree with your sentiments about getting involved and appreciate that (and am willing to contribute) assistance is needed to help the volunteer councillors. The reason I made the comments in my earlier posting were that in the past I think there was a somewhat negative approach by GPC towards the idea of getting a village input. The current situation needs the PC to be united and positive in driving the neighbourhood plan (with the additional support already mentioned) whilst making sure that the villagers as a whole are given the best opportunities to express their views/opinions. I believe this requires a more proactive and involving approach than has been in the past. Excellent to read about Fiona Bruce’s raising of Jodrell Bank issue in the House – that really is a positive contribution.

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    Apologies, you are correct it was discussed however it was also ruled out by Adrian Fisher at the meeting (CE’s head of planning) as being too expensive and only promotes more development. Minutes are on the PC’s website :-

    The Local Plan was supposed to provide the village with the protection it required. To be fair to the Parish Council they were only taking his professional advice. The advice regarding Neighbourhood plans has recently changed following the current delay in getting the Local Plan ratified. I think our PC have done the best job that they could have done with the information available at the time, hindsight is always beneficial. But looking forward we now have the opportunity to plan for the future of the village and all have the opportunity to input into it, including Jodrell Bank.

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    Yes I agree we all need to look forward with an open and positive approach to represent what the village would like to see for the future.

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