The Rose Day committee is determined to celebrate Rose Day on Saturday 26 June, although at the present time because of the Covid 19 restrictions it is unlikely to include all the traditional elements.

Last year at very short notice, the committee organised Rose Day at Home, which proved a great success and so if the usual celebrations cannot take place on the school field, a similar at home event will be organised.

If this is necessary, the committee hope to build on last year’s event which included competitions, a treasure hunt, and a special programme on Dane Sound Radio, featuring villagers’ memories of past Rose Days, and the children from the Elizabethfontein School in South Africa. People were also encouraged to put up bunting and banners in the usual way.

Last year despite the main event having to be cancelled, many loyal patrons continued to support Rose Day, which helped with the cost of the competitions, and helped to pay for fixed costs, such as insurance, which not only covers the actual day, but protects all the equipment and costumes throughout the year.

Whilst there is no fixed fee to become a Patron, a commitment of at least £30 a year, per household would help enormously, to cover the escalating costs of hosting Rose Day.

Anyone interested in becoming a patron is asked to e-mail Rose Day treasurer Peter Gomes in the first instance.

Thank you,

Dave Smith


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    Please keep up to date with the planning for Rose Day.
    The villages come together for such traditional and lovely events, nationwide, with Fetes, Well-Dressings, Rushbearing Ceremonies as far as Derbyshire, Staffordshire ,Cheshire and Fundraisers.

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