13-year-old Cate Clayton who should have been the 2020 Goostrey Rose Queen will definitely be crowned this year.

The Committee was forced to cancel most of 2020 Rose Day due to the Covid-19 pandemic but is determined to do as much as possible in 2021. However there remains considerable uncertainty surrounding the exit from lockdown with Step 4 (lifting of final restrictions) scheduled for no earlier than 21st June, only five days before this year’s event on Saturday 26th June.

Announcing the 2021 plan, Rose Day Chair Christina Burgess said: “Although we are hoping lockdown will have been lifted by Rose Day, the uncertainty has made 2021 planning problematic. Nevertheless, we are confident we can conduct the crowning ceremony for Cate, accompanied by her attendants, as well as that for Rosebud Queen, Rose Worsley. The exact format and location of the ceremony will be decided later once the overall situation becomes clearer.

“We will conduct all the usual competitions, although how they will be judged will be determined nearer the time but on-line judging, which was used to such good effect last year, will no doubt play a part.

“Following on from last year’s successful Rose Day at Home there will again be a special programme broadcast on Dane Sound Radio and the Goostrey Archive Group will be organising another Treasure Hunt. Villagers will be encouraged to decorate their gardens with banners and buntings as usual.

“Unfortunately, lockdown exit uncertainty has meant we cannot commit to the more costly aspects of Rose Day and so, for 2021, we will not be able to host the full procession with floats, the main event on the school field with Maypole Dancing, stalls and marquees, or the evening Ceilidh. As a result, we will not produce a 2021 Rose Day programmme.

“However, we may be able to organise a scaled down procession, but we will have to wait until nearer the time before we can make that decision on its precise format.

“There will be no Rose Queen or Rosebud Queen selection this year but we will find roles for two Rosebud Queens in 2022, one from Year 3 and another from Year 2 in order to ensure no cohort misses out.

“Rose Day is incredibly special and everyone in Goostrey, especially the children, looks forward to it but I am sure they will understand why it cannot happen in all its glory this year.

“The people of Goostrey remain extremely supportive and last year despite the main event having to be cancelled many loyal patrons continued to support us. I am delighted to report that we continue to attract new patrons whose financial contributions will not only help support the event but will help to meet the costs of a new website which is desperately needed to keep everyone informed as to what is happening. Whilst there is no fixed fee to become a Patron a commitment of at least £30 a year for a household would help enormously.”

Anyone interested in becoming a patron is asked to e-mail Rose Day treasurer Peter Gomes in the first instance.

Picture Caption: Goostrey Rose Queen Elect Cate Clayton surrounded by her attendants left to right: Katie Hicks; Zoe Henry, Zara Comb; Petra Hamilton and Rosie Bess Farrar

Goostrey Rose Queen Elect Cate Clayton surrounded by her attendants left to right: Katie Hicks; Zoe Henry, Zara Comb; Petra Hamilton and Rosie Bess Farrar


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