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As regular readers of Love Goostrey will know we are big supporters of Bidlea Dairy. For full disclosure I should point out we’re not paid to say nice things by Bidlea (or anyone for that matter), although Adam did once ask if I wanted a beer when he was at the bar of The Crown, but I don’t think counts.

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There’s a couple of reasons why we think Bidlea is best. Firstly, the milk is out and out lovely. I spoke to Adam about why this was and he reckons it’s to do with how fresh the milk is as time from parlour to bottle is a fraction of the time that you’d get with a supermarket bottle. You also get more bang for your buck as the fat content is slightly higher than supermarket milk.

Another reason we’re fans is that they’re always keen to incorporate suggestions. Given that many local residents are keen to reduce plastic usage, Bidlea have now developed their own milk bar where customers can buy and fill a rather beautiful one litre bottle, which they take home, use, wash and bring back. What could be simpler?

It costs £2 for a reusable bottle, although you can bring your own jugs or containers if you want. The milk is available in semi-skimmed or whole milk and costs £1 per litre. You can even get daring and add a shot of flavour if you want!

Bidlea Dairy can be found on Twemlow Lane and then follow the signs.

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    Really interested in trying the milk and the bottle . Have bought the milk from The trading post and the post office and it is lovely , will be great to take the grandchildren and fill up the bottle !
    Keen to support local businesses too.

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      Absolutely, I think the bottles are lovely and it tastes great. I’m not adding no fancy syrup though!

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