Hermitage Lane development

Land to the east of Hermitage Lane: ref 14/0081C

The planning application [link above] for 26 houses is incorrectly listed as Cranage rather than Goostrey so it has only just been spotted, but any comments should be sent to Cheshire East by 5th Feb. (The CEC planning page wrongly states that ‘the last date for comments has expired’ – mistakenly printing 2013 instead of 2014.)

We hear a further application is scheduled behind Mount Pleasant from the Main Road side, see comment below.

Hermitage Lane application
Hermitage Lane application

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    This should be viewed in conjunction with another application which is being submitted for the land behind Mount Pleasant with access off the Dromedary Lodge access drive. I am of the opinion that the Hermitage application is preferable to another major access on to the Main Road.

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    The Cheshire East Planning website states that the last date for comments has expired for this Planning Application, but I think is because they have mistakenly put that the last date for submitting comments is 05 February “2013”, rather than 2014.

    I have duly contacted Cheshire East pointing out this error and requesting an extension in comments being made due to their error.

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      Anthony in Planning at CEC has been informed by me of the error with the closing date and location for this application. He is going to speak to the “back office” and Manager about the error, to see if the closing date for comments can be extended and the location amended to Goostrey.

      I have confirmed that I will log a complaint if they do not amend the details.

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        Excellent, many thanks for keeping us all up to date.

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        The Planning Office inbox must have been full this morning. A number of residents have complained about the non receipt of notification that the website says have been sent, the defects in the dates, no “statutory” notices have as yet been displayed etc.

        The Parish Clerk is also speaking to them about this and asking for an extension in the dates.

        Also the Parish Council has not as yet received a copy of the Application so it is unlikely to be on the Agenda for the Parish Planning meeting tomorrow night although the residents attending the meeting will no doubt raise it. If it is not discussed tomorrow and the 5th Feb date is confirmed for comment then hopefully there will be another Parish Planning Meeting before 5th Feb.

        All in all a right mess!

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    Plus, I would only agree to any of these developments if they were directly used to meet the proposed Local Service Centre target of 50 – 75 new developments AND after the proposed developments on the Cheshire West border are taken into account as well.

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    All residents should be united in saying “no” to any development of this size.

    As I understand it – correct me if I am wrong – following agreement of the Cheshire East Local Plan, Local Service Centres (of which Goostrey will be one) will be identifying and recommending sites that will fulfil their commitment to Cheshire East up to 2030. This process will take place during 2014. The current estimate is for 50/75 houses from which can be deducted any applications approved since 2010.

    I assume as Goostrey will be an LSC, anything built in Twemlow, Cranage and Swettenham can also be deducted. If so that would bring the “requirement” down. As we are looking forward some 16 years why should all the houses be built now? Architects and Developers are trying to get applications approved in advance of the 2014 “Site Allocation” in case their site(s) are not included in the list of recommend sites.

    I would prefer that the current approach adopted by the Goostrey Parish Council of small infill and small discrete developments continues.

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      I see your points, Martin, and I have to say I agree with you 100%.

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    Thanks googav. All we need to do now is convince others that objecting to the Hermitage Lane proposal (and any others) is the right thing to do.

    To do nothing is a vote in favour of these Applications. Spread the word.

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    I have now made a Page for this application – see top of page.

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