Hermitage Lane Nether Lea appeal withdrawn!

The forthcoming appeal for planning permission for 26 houses off Hermitage Lane/Nether Lea has been withdrawn, although no reason has been given.

With many thanks to everyone for their support over the last couple of years. The community, working together, has rightly won the day and prevented what was always a poorly devised plan for development of our open countryside.”  Hermitage Lane and Nether Lea Action Group

Originally applied for under ref 14/0081C (refused) the application was re-submitted under 14/1964C (refused and then under appeal).


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    I would imagine that the developers feared that they would struggle to obtain the full market value for the properties knowing that they would be obliged to disclose Sibelco’ s plans to develop a huge sand quarry just around the corner.

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    Or Sibelco have bought the site 😉 ….More likely is the difficulty in gathering the evidence to counter Jodrell Bank’s objections. It will be interesting to see if Gladman rollover so easily on the Shearbrook appeal…

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      Maybe Hermitage is waiting to see how Gladman get on.

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    Maybe. But would make more sense if they came back with a much smaller development if they did, otherwise I suspect it would be just be objected to again by Jodrell Bank.

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