Hermitage Lane

Update on possible new development afoot in Goostrey;

also highlights the need to send your comments on the Local Plan in to Cheshire East’s Spatial Planning Team telling them that Goostrey should not be classified as a Local Service Centre open to greater development.

“So we have another proposed development in Goostrey.  This time its East of Hermitage Lane. 26/28 homes.  The architects are Jay Ashall who have feedback forms available which need to be in before they submit the planning application on Monday 16th December 2013.”

“It is the field that extends from behind Netherlea and to the rear of properties on Hermitage Lane.  Allowing this development would obviously provide the access required to the “turf” fields and potential further development in the future.”

……………..comments  received from Goostrey residents.

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    Having read the last 2 updates from Cheshire East I am totally confused – but maybe that’s the idea.
    First we are now going to be a Local service Centre no matter what the objections we all submitted – “the arguments made are not considered to contradict the decision” It seems the decision was already made and nothing anyone said could change their minds.
    It then states we are expected to accommodate 50 houses but only after a new “consultation’ and plan in 2014.
    Then we read “we are close to achieving the 5 year housing supply already” yet “Local Service Centres have to accommodate 2,500 new homes!”

    I seem to recall finding in the local plan, sites that were considered suitable for development, unsuitable and those already with planning permission. Can someone please direct me to it, the Cheshire East site is almost impenetrable.

    So an application to build East of Hermitage Lane seems to be completely against 1) “Core Strategy does not however include any proposals for residential development to take place in Goostrey.” 2) “Site Allocations and Development Policies Document which will be produced during 2014 and will undergo a full public consultation process.” (all quotes from Cheshire East)

    So not only are we close to the housing supply, there are no proposals for residential development in Goostrey and we haven’t produced a Site Allocation document for any sites, yet we have a proposal to build houses East of Hermitage Lane!!!!!

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    Do you mean the SHLAA [Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment] ? There is a link to it on our ‘useful links’ page – see above – then click on Middlewich and Holmes Chapel Area.

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    Thanks, that’s the one I was looking for. It shows the site as “”not currently developable”

    SHLAA, Site allocations and development, settlement hierarchy, spatial this that and the other – I just get the feeling that we are being pushed inexorably down a road that none of us in Goostrey want and more frustratingly due to all these policies/agreements at high level, have no chance of contesting. Look at the Local Service Centre nonsense as a prime example.

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    The SHLAA is just a list of sites that have been put forward by the land owners and crudely assessed as to whether these maybe available at some time in the future and whether they maybe suitable for development. It doesn’t form part of the Local Plan, it only informs sites which could be considered for inclusion in the Site Allocations (for small sites) document to be published later in 2014. It also doesn’t mean that the site would be chosen or would automatically get planning permission or other sites wouldn’t be chosen. Its the Site Allocations document(for small sites) that will form part of the Local Plan.

    In the last Cheshire East consultation (Pre-Core strategy) this also listed those major sites which would be included (and those which were considered and wouldn’t be included) for development, no major sites were considered for Goostrey. However we may have some smaller sites put forward in the Site Allocations document for consultation later this year (this is where the total of 30-50 sites comes from,which includes developments passed for planning since 2010). Therefore the Local Plan is still in draft form and will have to be ratified by the planning inspector (maybe in 2015) before it can be implemented.

    The new planning regulations also require the council to have a 5 year housing supply, which basically is sites with planning permission for a set number of houses. If the council doesn’t , then developers are allowed to put forward any site for development which can be demonstrated to be ‘sustainable’. However there is no definition in the planning regulations what ‘sustainable’ means, and so this is open to creative interpretation by the developer and/or the Council! This is why the Hermitage Lane site has been put forward, as at the time the Council had no Local Plan and no 5 year housing supply. Similar speculative planning applications are appearing all over Cheshire!!! The good news (and the main defence against the Hermitage Lane proposal), is the council now has a 5 year housing supply and this site isn’t part of the calculation. However, if there is a problem with the delivery of the other sites within the 5 year housing supply then the council may be tempted to approve planning for this site in order to keep its 5 year housing supply and protect other areas from unwanted development!!

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