Houses in Goostrey

Cheshire West may have been given the S106 ‘developer contribution’ money for The Woodlands development on the old Chicken farm (as the planning application was for 38 houses in Cheshire West’s Allostock) but that hasn’t stopped Bloor Homes’ from advertising the houses as being in Goostrey! (and I’m not sure the photo of the cute cottage accurately represents the ‘The Woodlands’, is it even taken in Goostrey?)

Shouldn’t Goostrey village receive these ‘developer contributions’, as the new villagers will naturally want to feel part of the village and use the facilities in Goostrey ?

The Woodlands ad 1
The Woodlands… Coming soon to Goostrey apparently

The Woodlands ad 2It will be up to Cheshire East how many houses Goostrey will have to have, but will Cheshire East acknowledge that these 38 houses should be included in any housing numbers they insist are needed for Goostrey?



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    Yes, I noticed Bloor’s misleading and frankly ironic advertising with JBO in the picture! What a farce. I have already written to both CWAC and CE asking for the status of S106 agreement monies and where they are going. They should correctly be applied to facilities in Goostrey. No reply from either as yet, but this LoveGoostrey post has reminded me to chase.

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      A resident tells me that houses on Harrison drive have Goostrey addresses.

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    Yes it is certainly a nonsense that Goostrey was split when Cheshire divided into Cheshire West and Cheshire East. The boundary should have gone down Harrison Drive.

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