Increased noise & pollution from M6

Cranage PC have reported the proposed increase in traffic on the M6 – and forwarded their concerns to us over the resulting increase in noise and pollution.    Click the following link to read their full report:

Highways England propose to use the hard shoulder to in effect make it 4 lanes in each direction.  Using their own calculations there are 49 million vehicles per year on the existing M6, so the increase could be 33% taking it up to 65 million users per year.

The EU directive states levels above 55 decibels cause annoyance, sleep disturbance and cardiovascular effects.  Cranage residents have been taking readings – registering a constant 65-70 regularly day and night with peaks in excess of 85 decibels.  Apparently the proposed ‘low noise’ road surface has already been applied to this stretch of motorway, due for replacement 2017/18 so won’t make much impact.

Full details of the potential pollution are in the report.

How to help

You should voice your concerns re noise and pollution, asking why they are not implementing EU directives and are not carrying out an Environment Impact Assessment by emailing before 15th July:

Write to your MP,  Fiona Bruce:

Write to the project managers Julian Gill and Kate Beirne voicing your concerns over the constant noise from the M6 which has been recorded at a high of 90 decibels, when the EU states 55 decibels as a safe limit.

Julian Gill MP smp  project support scheme
Highways England
The Cube 199
warfside street
B1 1RN

Kate Beirne
Highways England
The Cube 199
warfside street
B1 1RN

“Make sure your friends and family are aware as most people don’t know as the Highways Agency have been keeping it very low key!

Most importantly get your letters in now as they need to be sent to them by the 15th July 2015

Now is the time to make a difference to all our lives and future generations.”  Cranage PC

Curiously comments should be in by 15th July but the public exhibition is on 22nd July 2015.

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    That’s very interesting – when we moved to Goostrey 25 years ago you couldn’t really hear the M6, but I have noticed it gradually increasing (especially at night) so now there is a constant distant rumble….when I go away its quite noticeable the rumble doesn’t exist elsewhere at night!


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