Interference and aliens explained

Further to the very enjoyable evening at JBO this week when the locals were treated to a BBQ there were some interesting facts explained and questions answered:

– JBO would like to hear from any residents who have an interesting ‘backstory’ about Jodrell Bank and would like to record an interview with them for use in their new exhibition celebrating the history and heritage of the observatory.

– Their World Heritage Status application is progressing and if all goes to plan would be decided in 2020.

– The construction of the SKA headquarters has been approved.

– Bernard Lovell originally left Manchester due to sparks coming off trams – causing interference.  But what about radio interference from the Manchester-Crewe electric railway line?  Professor Tim O’Brien explained that the railway had been specially designed on that section to reduce any radio interference.

– What can immediate local neighbours (e.g. Goostrey) do to minimize any interference from their electrical gadgets? Tim confirmed not a lot, but stated JBO do try and restrict development around the observatory as it is people going about their daily lives that can inadvertently cause radio interference. He gave an example about one malfunctioning television receiver which was picked up in Sardinia from satellite observations resulting in a very strong burst of radio interference signal! He hoped locals would co-operate with JBO if JBO found that they had a malfunctioning electrical equipment causing interference! Tim confirmed development closest to the observatory causes the most problems and mentioned the recent JBO objection to the Gladman development at Shearbrook.  He also confirmed that Goostrey currently gives them more problems from radio interference than the whole of Manchester combined !!

– Aliens.  Tim believes they do exist (in some form, given the vastness of space) but the recent observation you may have heard of that was reported by the Russians in the recent press was probably terrestrial interference rather than aliens.  Maybe next time….

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