JBO opposes 6 houses at 51/61 Main Road

Jodrell Bank Observatory has opposed the application for 6 additional houses behind the two currently being built opposite the entrance to Mount Pleasant Park.
Cheshire East planning page 16/4306C .

Sept 2016: 16/4306C for a further 6 houses
Sept 2016: 16/4306C for a further 6 houses

Click to earlier post on 2nd Sept for further details of the application.
“In the case of the proposal 16/4306C, we oppose this development. Our view is that the impact from the additional potential contribution to the existing level of interference coming from that direction will be relatively minor. This is a general direction in which there is already significant development close to the telescope. We note that this application is one of a series that Emery Planning Partnership has made for this site: 15/3131C for 7 dwellings, which we objected to and was refused; 15/5517C for 2 dwellings, which we objected to as having a minor impact and was permitted.
We would ask the planning authority to take these points in to account in reaching its decision on this development, noting that the cumulative impact of this and other developments is more significant than each development individually.” Jodrell Bank Observatory.

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