“Jodrell Bank work threatened by housing plans, say scientists”

“Exclusive: Background noise created by development near Cheshire observatory could harm attempt to observe gravity waves predicted by Einstein”

Great article in The Guardian by Science Correspondent Hannah Devlin today:

photo: Christopher Thomond
photo: Christopher Thomond

“One of Britain’s most ambitious astronomy projects is under threat due to a large housing development being planned nearby, scientists have warned.

Prof Simon Garrington, director of Jodrell Bank observatory, said proposals to build 119 houses just over a mile from the Lovell telescope in Cheshire would seriously compromise observations of deep space.

Among the projects at risk would be an attempt to make the first experimental observations of gravity waves, ripples in space-time predicted by Einstein’s general theory of relativity.”

“The science minister, Greg Clark, said: “Cheshire East council must ensure that, in line with protections set out in the national planning policy framework, any new housing developments do not adversely impact on the important scientific mission of Jodrell Bank.”

read the full story…..  The Guardian 13th Feb 2015

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    It is good to see that JBO is ramping up the debate at National level. However, Michael Jones’ comments are very disappointing. He had an ideal opportunity to support JBO but he has decided to sit on the fence and almost falling over on Gladman’s side!

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    Yes agreed.

    “Many housing proposals don’t cause problems,” said Garrington. “It’s the ones that are largest and closest that are the most dangerous.”

    Doesn’t leave much room for any doubt does it?

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