Jones backs Jodrell Bank on Silk fm

CEC Leader Cllr Michael Jones was questioned about potential impact of housing on Jodrell Bank Observatory this morning on Macclesfield’s Silk Radio.  He mentions an ‘exclusion zone’; indeed perhaps it should have one, but for now LoveGoostrey would like to point out JBO only has a ‘Consultation Zone’.

Silk Radio dj Ditchy : “ The new ‘Cheshire East Best in the North West’ council tax booklet has a front cover image of Jodrell Bank surrounded by green fields.  Can you outline the future protection in place to safeguard this national treasure, pinnacle of East Cheshire, against the onset of planning proposals for New housing, apparently this has been proposed a mile from the telescope which Jodrell Bank have explained could damage their ability to conduct world leading research.  So what are your thoughts on that, Michael?”

Michael Jones :  “Absolutely crystal clear,  we will not support any housing coming in around the Jodrell Bank area, it has got its own exclusion zone.  It is vital we keep it.  It’s just had £3million investment from the government.  I’m very pleased we work with Manchester University there.  We are backing Jodrell Bank, the minister knows that.

This is a good story. We’re not going to allow it, I won’t support houses coming in there.  If the Minister of State wants to change his mind and change the rules, that’s up to him. On the negative, there’s a legal precedent against this, so we will fight very hard.  The question is; if Jodrell Bank believes housing is affecting them, the council will absolutely listen to that.”

18th March 2014 Silk Radio, Silk 106.9fm

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    Can Mr Jones please pass the above information on to ALL of the members of the various Cheshire East Planning Committees.

    From attending yesterday’s Northern Planning Committee Meeting it was evident that some Committee Members do not have any understanding of Jodrell Bank and the function it fulfils.

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