1st Consultation Local Plan


1st Public Consultation period: 15th Jan – 26th Feb 2013

The Local plan: Development Strategy and Policy Principles Consultation will be the primary influence on planning decisions across Goostrey (and Cheshire East) for many years to come.  It is vital that residents contribute to the current consultation process by commenting on line or by post.

LoveGoostrey has reviewed the documentation and hope this website will help guide residents to the appropriate issues – and provide a forum for you to discuss the points raised.  Please put your email address in the ‘follow’ box on the right to receive automatic news updates.

The Cheshire East Leader Cllr Michael Jones has stated that the Council will protect smaller villages from large-scale development but we are becoming increasingly concerned that Goostrey may not be regarded as a small village and could be targeted for significant development – changing the character of the village forever.  His idea of ‘large development’ may not be the same as ours !

LoveGoostrey is concerned that if the voices of Goostrey residents are not heard then we may have developments forced upon us on the basis that the consultation process did not raise any objections.

Goostrey is currently identified in the Draft Local Plan as a ‘Local Service Centre’, alongside towns such as Holmes Chapel and Alderley Edge.  These 13 LSC’s are to provide 2000 new homes.  However, Cheshire East say Goostrey has been classed as such as it has a population of over 3,500.  The 2011 census is not yet available but in 2001 the Goostrey population was 2201 so would have to have an increase of over 75% since then to reach their figures.   Ctrl+ click here to read our East Cheshire population data evaluation.  Apparently the populations of Twemlow, Cranage, Swettenham and even Cheshire West’s Rudheath Woods in Allostock have been added to Goostrey’s to make the Local Service Centre.

The SHLAA Land Assessment identifies a number of sites that could be developed over the next few years. The study is to demonstrate that there is potentially an adequate supply of land for more housing and doesn’t mean that planning permission will automatically be given, or that other sites will not be considered.  However, if there is pressure on the Council to find sites for housing which cannot be sited in our neighbouring towns and villages then these may be forced upon us.

Current open-countryside sites in Goostrey identified as developable for housing are:

Land adjacent to Mt Pleasant Residential Park, Alison Drive    – 36 Houses
Land off Station Road, The Grange farm/livery                              – 195 Houses (property consultant already engaged)
Land between 51 and 61 Main Road (by Sandyacre)                     – 15 Houses (already an application for 3 houses on this site, planning ref 12/4318C))

An additional 234 homes (possibly up to 1000 new residents) in the village would have a major impact on the rural character of the village itself and the daily lives of those who live within it.

Please note that at this stage this is not the granting of planning permission to build.

You may think that development in these sites will “not affect us”.  If so, you are mistaken.  Development of this size means that within 10-15 years the infrastructure of the village would not cope – an additional 800-1000 residents, +/- 400 additional cars a day plus the delivery and service vans.  In 10-15 years the danger is Goostrey would be unrecognisible from what it is today, resembling a small town rather than a rural village.  If boundaries are redefined and land reclassified from greenfield/open countryside to housing, developers would follow in short order with plans for development – and it would be very hard, if not impossible, to mount substantive objections at that point.

For a truly sustainable future, additional houses required by the Local Plan should be sited by the towns in Cheshire East, near main employment areas, shopping centres and schools. These towns have been consulted on their views with widespread publicity, we haven’t until now!  There doesn’t appear to have been any publicity for this important consultation in Goostrey and Cheshire East say they didn’t have the budget to leaflet us all door-to-door.

WHAT ACTION IS NEEDED? The deadline for consultation on the Local Plan ends on 26 February 2013.   We all need to object that Goostrey is being made an LSC (Local Service Centre) for major housing development. Read our info and links to Cheshire East and the Local Plan on the other pages on our website or click on the following links to read the CEC pages:

Cheshire East Council Local Plan page.

Cheshire East Consultation portal.

Cheshire East SHLAA sites and plans (The ‘Middlewich and Holmes Chapel’ sites show the Goostrey plans.) OR read our SHLAA page  .


  • For housing to be sustainable it needs to be close to places of work, primary and secondary schools, and major shopping centres where access is available without the use of cars, i.e. best sites for additional housing are by our major conurbations in Cheshire East.
  • Goostrey is not suitable as a Local Service Centre as the available reports submitted for review shows it only has two out of the twelve requirements.  Most of the population either commute or are retired and are car dependant.  Bus services aren’t well provided for and only an hourly train service to Manchester/Crewe is available (which may decline further once the proposal for HS2 are released).
  • Due to the proximity of Goostrey to Jodrell Bank Observatory the existing north and eastern settlement boundaries (closest to Jodrell Bank) should not be extended so as not to further add to any electromagnetic interference to this facility.
  • If Goostrey is required to accommodate further housing then this should be provided by infilling within the existing settlement boundary. If this does not provide sufficient capacity then the land between the two halves of the existing settlement boundary should be utilised before the outer limits of the boundary of the village is extended.

Our MP Fiona Bruce said in the Middlewich Guardian: “In recent months greenfield sites across the constituency have been targeted by developers.  Engaging in this consultation is hugely important as a contribution towards the development of a Local Plan which really will reflect the wishes and views of local people for the future development of our area, and to provide a defence against development in unwanted areas.  This is the most significant and important opportunity which residents will have to shape our local communities for years to come.     ……….”to protect local communities and cherished green spaces“.

LoveGoostrey: We are a group of Goostrey residents wanting to keep Goostrey rural and need your help. If you would like to help, please contact us at LoveGoostrey@gmail.com. We hope that this website will be a hub for useful updates and information.
Martin de Kretser (Chairman), Gavin Brown, Malcolm Brown, Janet Capper

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