Sustainable Village

The following was taken from the Cheshire East LOCAL PLAN consultation

Sustainable Village:  

Vision for Sustainable Villages

Some small scale residential and employment development will have taken place, in the ‘sustainable villages’, to help to retain and sustain local services and to reduce the need to travel.

In the interests of sustainable development, growth and investment in the Sustainable Villages should be confined to small scale infill and the change of use or conversion of existing buildings. Affordable housing development of an appropriate scale on the edge of a rural settlement to meet a particular local need may be justified, although local needs can also be met within larger settlements, dependent on location.

The general extent of Green Belt boundaries around Sustainable Villages will remain the same. A Strategic Open Gap policy has been created which will protect some of the sustainable villages from development.  Development will only be allowed within the Green Belt and Strategic Open Gap adjacent to those settlements where a local need can be demonstrated, which cannot be met within other locations or larger settlements.

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