Local Goostrey resident, Peter Dyson, keen cyclist, has managed to make the most of his ‘Lockdown 2020’ experience, by writing and publishing his own book titled ‘Bosnian Dawn‘; a story of political treachery and intrigue, at the crossroads of a warn-torn country.

LoveGoostrey’s Charlotte Fellows, interviewed Peter to find out where his love for writing began.

He quoted:

My love for writing started  as a young boy when i was at school.  I am also part of the Vale Royal Writers Group.”

Charlotte also asked about Peter’s trip to Bosnia and he explained:

I love cycling and being on a bike as opposed to a car as this gives you a better insight of the people, as you can stop and have a chat with the local residents.”

His inspiration for the book stems from watching the television news broadcasts during the Bosnian War, and the Siege of Sarajevo; the longest siege of a capital city in the history of modern warfare.

He quotes:

It seemed to be a war like no other. As the conflict persisted, the media briefings became less frequent, and my attempt to understand it diminished. Even now, a European war during which so many people died, is poorly understood”.

He goes on to explain:

“I spent time in Bosnia after the civil war cycling, and  met a lot of people. Nice people, just like you and me. Whilst there, I tried to make sense of what had happened, and why. I still have many unanswered questions”.

Peter adds:

“This is a work of fiction, so although the characters in the book belong to different faiths, as well as holding different political views, it is important to say that ‘wrongdoing’ is a human behavioural trait in people of all religious, and all political persuasions. We are all equally capable of the kinds of deeds, that are set out in this book”.


You can purchase Peter’s book from Amazon as a paperback or kindle edition. Google the title for its link.


Thank you Peter Dyson, for such interesting news.



Charlotte Fellows

Researcher and Writer


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    A great read!
    You will feel totally engaged.
    I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail.
    This one of those cant put it down books!
    Thank you

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