Love Goostrey Volunteers Project – UPDATE

With all the uncertainty in the world at the moment with turbulent financial markets and the concerns around COVID-19, it’s doubly important to make sure that we’re continuing to do positive things and come together as a community. Goostrey has a tremendous village spirit and Love Goostrey decided to do something to show that to its best, but also to support people in a vulnerable time.

So, would you like to get invoved in the Love Goostrey Volunteers? What we’re trying to do is to get one, two or three volunteers from every road around the village who would be happy to be called on by their neighbours who might be stuck inside during a period of self-isolation. If the government does ask people over 70 to stay inside (which has been widely mooted in the press) for a prolonged quarantine then this would be an even more vital service.

The sorts of things the volunteers could do are:

  • Pick up shopping – The Trading Post have said that they will put together orders for local residents and volunteers can pick these up and drop off to their neighbours
  • Pick up prescriptions –
  • Do a post office run
  • Listen if someone needs a friendly ear to talk to

The idea of having two or three volunteers from each road is so that the responsibility can be shared and this doesn’t become an onerous task. We’ve also asked that there is an 8pm curfew for requests so that it doesn’t interfere with children’s bedtimes, etc. Clearly, we would urge all volunteers to heed any relevant Government advice around precautions for good hygiene and personal safety.

We’ve had an incredible response so far with 96 responses to the original Facebook post and volunteers filling out their details on the sheet. The next step is to complete the list so that we have names and numbers from all roads in the village. The volunteers will then print off the contacts and deliver them to the roads they’re covering, as it’s important to remember that not everyone is on the internet!

Clearly, if you live in Twemlow, Blackden, Boots Green or somewhere nearby then this project equally applies to you! If you can volunteer then do so and just add your road name to the list.

Would you be able to help? If you’re happy to do some runs for your neighbours then please add your details to the spreadsheet here.

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    We can help on bank view but happy to help other streets too if needed
    Fran and Steve Arnold

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    Happy to help
    Booth Bed lane
    Marny Brook
    I drive

  3. Reply

    Hi yes I can help if needed

    • Reply

      Hi Tracy – that’s great, which road/s can you cover?

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    Northwich rd, cranage

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    Thank you, all.

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    We, Ibrahim and Nazily live on the corner of Main Road and Bank View; we’d be delighted to help in any way we can for local residents in the village and particularly around our home.

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    Happy to help.
    Would a flyer through doors help those not on internet or email?
    We will inform those on our road as a start

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    Hi, we’re closest to Station Road and Blackden Firs but happy to help out wherever.
    Sophie 07813 070 691

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    I believe that there has been a notice from yourselves about volunters delivered through letterboxes. I live on Mount Pleasant Park but have not received anything

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    Happy to help I can’t update are us to the sheet

    Catherine and Mark Cassidy
    11 Nether Lea

    07984 978634

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    Hi to those that use Chelford Surgery, just received this note and wanted to share with Love Goostrey:

    Chelford Surgery

    Hi everyone,
    Apologies for all the disruption recently at the surgery but thanks for your patience in light of all the coronavirus problems.

    We are going to be working on a telephone consultation system for the time being. The aim being to protect patients and staff by reducing footfall and risk of exposure in the practice.
    If its decided that an appointment is needed with the doctor or nurse then you should receive some direction on how and when to come to the practice.
    Please understand this does mean there will be high demand on the telephone lines which may get worse as staff shortages develop.

    You can help by using the eConsult service for non-urgent queries. This is accessed through our website and a doctor will aim to reply to your query by the end of the next working day.
    Also if you need to get results or details of your history, remember this information is available through your online access.

    The dispensary is still running but reception is limited to the small alcove inside the door to help reduce infection risk.
    We are running on high demand and reduced staff numbers which may in time get worse.
    We have asked patients to allow 72 hours turn around for prescriptions; try not to order prescriptions too early and continue to order 1 months amounts of prescriptions.

    Online ordering still remains the quickest way for you to order and help our staff to process your request. If you haven’t registered we would encourage you to do so.

    I’ll try to update everyone on here when I can but otherwise keep an eye out for posts on our website.

    Many thanks to all who are helping in their own ways to support the vulnerable and isolated in Chelford and surrounding areas. Hope you all stay safe and continue to work together to help support those in need of it in this wonderful community.

    Dr Sharjeel Yasin and Dr Helen Thomas

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