Lunch And Literature

William and Dorothy Wordsworth put together some inspiring literature. 

Pictured here William Wordsworth, a scholar at Hawkshead school in The Lake District. I believe it to be his sister, Dorothy, who inspired the writing of ‘ I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud’, a famous piece of script. However, ladies a couple of centuries afore and beyond, took the public back-seat due to ‘Male Dominance’.

I hoped to bring a Lunch and Literature group on the first Wednesday of the month to Goostrey. To meet at Goostrey Home and Leisure. Please can you email the organiser if you wish to partake by 26th July 2021. Details are on the line below.

The book to be discussed is ‘The Salt Path” by Raynor Winn, a Sunday Telegraph award winner.


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    I dont know whether you got my message last week. I will be coming.

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    I would love to join but August is no good for me. I would be interested in future months.

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