LUNCH AND LITERATURE will be proposing a new society for August in the form of a blend of an informal lunch or scones, cream with jam and a book club. Lunch or snack payable to the venue upon attendance.

Pictured Sarah McNaught’s Fandanzel the 1st. Her sequel Fandanzel-Quest for the Mystical Meadow is shown after Fandanzel-Haunting Tale in the Forest below. All rights reserved for illustrating and writing.

Of course! This will be for Goostrey residents only, and in accordance to government guidelines curtailing to Covid Lockdown Lift.

I suggest we begin at Goostrey Home and Leisure for our debut venue, on the first Wednesday in August, commencing at Noon until 14.00 hours. You will need to book a place by emailing Sarah at

Please email her any ideas for book review suggestions. Sarah ran Bookworms 4 with the University of the Third Age for some number of years and is a published author, journalist, owner of and writer of childrens and adult books.

Copies of Fandanzel-A Haunting Tale in the Forest are available at £6.99 by the author. Please email

I suggest that we begin in August with ‘The Salt Path’ by Raynor Winn, a Sunday Times Bestseller.





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    What would the cost be Sarah

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      The book-club is free. The cost is whatever you eat, drink and purchase on the day.

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    What will the cost be please

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      The cost of companionship is free. What you eat, drink and buy, is up to you.

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    I have tried to get the book from the library but its not in Holmes Chapel. Next t i me I’m in Nirthwich will have to buy it I think. I would love to join the Reading Group. Will confirm if I can attend nearer time but hopefully first week in August is fine for me. Xx

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    I am really looking forward to us readers having time together the 1st Wednesday in August.

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    Please send details to
    If you intend to join Bookworms Goostrey

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