Mr and Mrs Bates, Catering and Petrol Station.


According to Catherine Kemery,

Mount Pleasant Residential Park once was developed by Mr and Mrs Bates and set up for Catering and serving Petrol. Before the days of disel and electric hybrid cars, and ordering cake and sandwiches on-line.

Mr Bates met Mrs Bates nee Ruth Bird and they became married. John Lynes Bates and Ruth Bird tied the knot on June 7th 1930.

Between 1939 to 1945, the aforementioned garage, that became a petrol station, was used to store printed newspapers for saving paper in Manchester city against bombing raids.

Peter Bates was born in January 1932 and Catherine followed into the family in 1934. Their father promised his wife a bedroom with windows, front and rear to help her recover from Septicaemia with views over the Cheshire fields.

Alas, the building, petrol station and cafe are no more. The finalality came in March 2021, when their heritage  was demolished for progress.

More History soon, curtailing to Mount Pleasant Park in Goostrey, England to come.

Sarah McNaught

Managing Director


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    I was born in Goostrey in 1953 and have fond memories of Mount Pleasant and the Bates family if I remember correctly did they have a daughter called Renee ?

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    I remember Renee and 1973 my sister got married and their first home was on Mount Pleasent also a school friend of mine lived their for a while. I remember a few people that lived there.

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