More land for Scout Hut

Good news for Goostrey’s Scout Hut and Youth Centre this week:

1st Goostrey Scouts has now agreed to lease additional land around the hut for outdoor activities.

Group Scout Leader, David Giles, said “After reaching half way in our fundraising target, I am delighted to announce that we have now agreed with the landowner the lease on additional land. This will allow us to have extra play/activity space around the new Scout Hut and Youth Centre, which will provide us with more flexible facilities for a wide range of outdoor activities for local young people.”

Donations can be made directly to the Scout Hut and Youth Centre at:

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    As per my car parking comment on the CGI mock up post of the new Scout Hut David, is this green field space you have secured the use of as green space? Hope so. Would be a shame for a sea of tarmac to take over the centre of the village what with The Crown car park already being extensive opposite the new hut site. The new hut looks great, and understand you need a good enough car park, but would politely request that it is proportional and properly considered in the round how much green field space is given over to a tarmac car park, given The Crown car park is opposite, and historically the owners have always welcomed Goostrey walkers and users of such community facilities. Also, although I understand there could be too much of an additional cost associated with this option, mosaic ´concrete grass´ might be an option to consider, being the best of both worlds, hard-standing, but which looks green from normal street scene distances. Kind Regards, and great work to all involved so far with getting this facility sorted for Goostrey youngsters in the centre of the village! Dave Johnson, Booth Bed Lane

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      Dave, I passed your comment to David Giles – here is his response. J.
      Dear Mr Johnson
      Thank you for your comments. The Scouts are also very keen to preserve the green space in the village and plan to retain most of the new land as grass, where the young people may enjoy outdoor activities such as lighting fires, erecting tents and playing games. I have enclosed [see new post] a proposed site plan which shows how we intend to use the land, including keeping the rear of the new facility as grass (with the exception of a small soft play area for young children) and the land to the side for parking and a shared access for the neighbouring farm fields. We are considering grasscrete for the parking area; however our funds are limited and we shall not be making a decision on which materials to use until later in the project. Our plans are subject to planning consent, which will include requirements for surfacing and landscaping. I am grateful for your interest and support in our project, we shall be posting regular updates on the Love Goostrey website.
      Yours in Scouting,
      David Giles – Group Scout Leader

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