Mount Pleasant 9 new homes

Goostrey’s Mount Pleasant Residential Park (Tingdene Parks Ltd) applied for the demolition of 60 & 60a Main Road and the garage blocks to redevelop the site with 9 new park homes.    Link to CEC planning page:  18/4510C 

*REFUSED 25th January 2019 (due to causing impaired efficiency of JBO).

They would be in a general area where the Jodrell Bank Observatory has found dwellings unacceptable in the past (south of Mount Pleasant park as well as behind Fairway to the north). Goostrey NP Policy SC2 ‘Developments will not be permitted which can be shown to impair the efficient operation of the radio telescopes.’

Unsurprisingly the Planning Statement states that “it is not anticipated that its impact will be significant. It is unlikely to amount to material harm.”  but JBO has opposed the proposal.

Goostrey Parish Council has also objected however as it would conflict with Neighbourhood Plan policies.

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