Mount Pleasant Residential Park

The village in it’s own entirity, at Mount Pleasant Residential Park, has seen changes since it was previously used as a caravan park many years ago.

There is a special feel, and the memory of the former owners, the Bates family still reflects the ethos of reasons curtailing to changing from once a touring caravan site, to now, a classy retirement village.


and show appreciation for Rob and Eve for all their dedication and work, since they took on the management of the Park, four years prior.

All best wishes to Rob and Eve!

I am pleased to say that Rob and Eve will remain here on Mount Pleasant, having spoken with Eve on Thursday.

Would anyone like to aid the set-up of a Resident Committee going forward, after Rob and Eve stand down? If so, please get in touch with us at

I will look forward to gleaning your support and ideas.

Kind regards

Sarah McNaught

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    Do the residents of Mount Pleasant know that Rob and Evelyn are retiring?

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      Yes Catherine, an official letter was posted to all the residents today.

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