Neighbourhood Plan update

In January GPC appointed a Neighbourhood Plan committee within the Parish Council which would set up a Steering Group to include interested residents in the parish. Since then a mission statement has been approved:

“To maintain Goostrey as a desirable and attractive rural village in which to live, supporting a high quality of life for all residents and businesses. Any future changes or developments shall be determined for the long term benefit of the whole community.”

It has been agreed with CEC to use the parish boundary as the area but it is still to be decided whether to create Strategies and Policies or Site Allocations.  However residents have not yet been invited to say if they are interested in joining the Steering Committee and it was discussed at this months pc meeting that the next NP meeting might not be until September.

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    Six months to agree a mission statement is pretty good going. I can’t wait to hear my robot butler announce they’ve finished the document and access it on my 6D virtual reality headset.

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      To be fair the statement was approved at April’s meeting and Area approval reported in May but hopefully a Steering Committee will be formed sometime soon!

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        By the time they’ve got it sorted the continents will have once again congealed into Pangaea, thus neatly solving the issue. Maybe that’s their plan.

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    In the light of current and probably further Planning Applications and the Hermitage Lane Planning Appeal (which is awaiting validation by the Planning Inspectorate) we need some quick progress with the Neighbourhood Plan (NP).

    The further developed the NP is, the more likely it is that we can fight these real threats to Goostrey.

    No further action until September at the earliest is totally unacceptable to most residents who really care about the Village.

    Surely, if the Parish Council has a copy of the NP Project Plan, there are tasks that could be being actioned now.

    I am happy to offer my services to assist in the development of the NP as I am sure are other residents with the requisite skills.

    Let us all work together and get the NP progressed as quickly as possible.

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    Unfortunately following recent court rulings it looks like the NDP is not an effective defence against unwanted development where there is no 5 year housing supply ( as Cheshire East) but is just a vehicle to promote the development residents decide they do want. I suspect we will then get both, the developments we want and those we don’t want…

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      That may be the position today but, as we well know, things in the Planning world change quickly. NP’s may be back in favour next week.

      We should not be defeatist and give up without a fight. As I see it the NP is still part of that fight.

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    Not being defeatist, we just need to be realistic in terms of what an NDP will provide and focus our energy on what will make a difference.The NDP won’t have any influence on the current planning applications or appeals, but may help with future ones. For it to be considered it would need to be at least at the examination stage at the time of the hearing, with a Local Plan in place and a confirmed 5 year housing supply that has been tested and found to be sound. I would say we are at least 2 years off this yet. For the current applications the argument comes back to the NPPF ‘Presumption in favour of sustainable development’ test. Can any development be ‘sustainable’ where it is found to impair Jodrell Bank’s research? This still remains the key argument. Without it I believe we will see a large increase in the size of the village over the next few years. We were promised 30 houses over 30 years by Cllr Michael Jones. Looks like we will get more like 300 houses over 3 years, unless Jodrell Bank’s evidence is taken seriously by the planning inspector…

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    oh and mustn’t forget ….a quarry….!! Wonder whether the quarry will blight the sale of Bloor homes development (and all the other houses and developments in the area …)

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    It seems to me – at this moment in an ever-changing landscape (excuse the pun) – that it’s Jodrell Bank Or Bust. But why not fire on all cylinders? At least every avenue has been explored, each protest vote cast, all forms filled in…

    We are clearly under siege. So, we fight.

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      Yes all villages like ours are under siege around the country. The fact is the country needs to build more houses. People need somewhere to live and with the increase in job prospects in Cheshire East more houses are needed. What we really need is a coherent and dependable Local Plan and a demonstrable 5 year housing supply to provide these houses in areas which don’t impact on Jodrell Bank, rather than a developer led planning free for all which puts Jodrell Bank’s research at risk…

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        Without an adopted Local Plan I fear the NDP is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. The Local Plan doesn’t go back in front of the inspector until September, so a delay with the NDP to September is not going to be too much of an issue. We will still see speculative development come forward trying to capitalise anyway..

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