Neighbourhood Plan: your view of Goostrey

The NP committee need to know how residents view the village, now and in the future: what do you see as its

  • Strengths *[green spaces?shop?hedges?societies?
  • Weaknesses [services?cheaper houses?rail-footbridge?]
  • Opportunities [doctor?car parking?downsizing?
  • Threats [traffic speed?industrialisation?

for each of the 6 Themes :

Housing;   Village design & character;   Open Countryside, environment & heritage;

Transport, traffic & travel;   Community facilities;   Business & economy.

Email your comments to the NP committee at  by Friday 4thOct.

*Items in brackets are for example only, mentioned in Friday’s afternoon meeting, hopefully you will have your own ideas. On the Theme of Housing LoveGoostrey would advocate small, in-fill rather than large developments and a Brownfield first policy – we believe the neighbourhood plan should state no development will be supported where JBO raises an objection in order to give them a power of veto over inappropriate developments.

If you attended one of the meetings on Friday and have the handout version of above, please post in to the Village Hall letterbox by Friday please, or email as above.

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