Neighbourhood Planning continues to grow

More and more areas, including Knutsford, are considering a Neighbourhood Plan due to the absence of a Local Plan:

A series of neighbourhood planning events will begin on Monday 8th December.

The week of events will celebrate the success of the growing neighbourhood planning movement. It is also about encouraging more communities to take up the challenge of shaping development in their area, because we want as many people as possible to benefit from neighbourhood planning powers.

As even more communities decide to begin their own neighbourhood plan and set about getting designated, so increasing numbers of plans move successfully through the referendum stage and are made into law.

To date, 1,258 communities across England have begun the process of developing a neighbourhood plan. This means that more than 5.2 million people live in an area where the community is working together to create a neighbourhood plan. That’s almost 10% of the population.

Throughout the week there will be opportunities to join conversations about neighbourhood planning with Brandon Lewis, Minister for Housing and Planning, and the Neighbourhood Planning team at DCLG, and share what inspires you about neighbourhood planning.

In addition, Brandon Lewis and Stephen Williams, Minister for Communities are writing to every MP in England to let them know about neighbourhood planning progress in their constituency and prompting them to do more to engage their communities. They are also writing to the Chief Executives of all Local Authorities to provide them with the national picture, and again encourage them to do more.

  the Dept of Communities and Local Government 5th Dec14

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