What does this word mean?

The cattle, sheep, wildlife and the dog.

Landowners are bemused by dog-walkers.Dog-walkers are bemused by land-owners. Goostrey is a rural area. Sheep can be menaced and become stressed by dogs. Sometimes  killed and suffer aborted lambs.

A vast majority of walkers with dogs are responsible, though there are still dog faeces to be seen on paths, and in areas where animals graze.

Ensure all dog-walkers pick up waste, place it in bins suitable for it, and remember. Dog waste has been known to make cattle very sick, and it is also lethal to them.




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    If the person who posted this article – or anyone else – is concerned about poor maintenance of paths in Goostrey, please get in touch with Goostrey Footpaths Group. See Organisations on Love Goostrey website.

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