The Rose Day 2021 was an imense emergence back to the love of Goostrey. We Love Goostrey!

Pictured here, is a design that emiated theĀ  feelings the young people of the village pored into ensuring that every home had a Post-Card to not only advertise the event, yet, ensure the isolated and vulnerable, were thought about. Well Done!

The distribution of gorgeous home-made cup-cakes to those that could not find the energy to face going out, brought smiles and tears of joy, to be back into community spirit.

I also think that the distribution from LoveGoostrey Volunteers this year, of food has been fantastic. Thanks also to cake bakers and Alison at the Co-Op in Holmes Chapel.

Now! Bring on the next event…


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    We need to congratulate 12 year old Lucy Boardman who designed this card on behalf of the Goostrey Rose Festival committee. She wanted to encapsulate everything she thinks is good about our village. The committee toook the opportunity to include an advert for the special Rose Day show on Dane Sound Radio. The card was printed in Holmes Chapel by The Print Room.

    Lucy also led a group of young people who delivered the card with homemade cakes to over 100 local people. The cakes were made by the team that usually prepares teas in the village hall on Rose Day.

    Christina Burgess, chair of Goostrey Rose Festival committee

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