Objections to 51/61 Main Road encouraged

If housing is allowed on this site, by JBO being over-ruled, it would not only lead to the possibility of more houses on the same site but also other applications popping up again around the village.

So we would encourage you to object to the 1 & 3 homes by 51/61 Main Road (Fairway Drive) – you need to submit your comments by 5th April. The more the better.

The Planning Inspectorate request comments are submitted online: Planning Inspectorate

(if you prefer to write the address is Planning Inspectorate,Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN…..quote Appeals APP/R0660/W/18/3218817 and APP/R0660/W/18/3219327 at 51/61 Main Road, Goostrey CW4 8LH)

Here are the direct links to each appeal; you need to enter your comments on both – it is easier to prepare your comments first in Word then copy and paste (to save losing work or being timed out!!).

  1. The lead case is for 1 house on plot 8. – (link to inspectorate page 3218817 ) .  Click on ‘Make Representation’  .. and follow instructions ‘Save and Continue’.
  2. Then do the same for the case for 3 homes, plots 8,3&4 – (link to case 3219327)


Housing on the site would have a detrimental effect on Jodrell Bank Observatory and is within the Inner Consultation Zone.

Although the technical term used by JBO is ‘minor’ for housing in Goostrey, development on this site would have a cumulative effect on impairment.

One or three houses would only bring a small benefit and would not outweigh the damage to the telescope.

Interference would affect the work of JBO, with a direct line of sight to the Lovell telescope from the site.

Jodrell Bank Observatory is recognised for carrying out globally important scientific work, 3rd largest fully steerable telescope in the world – the HQ of SKA (Single Kilometre Array). Jodrell Bank has been a leader in radio astronomy for over 70 years and is now on the UK shortlist for UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

The application breaches CEC Local Plan Policy SE14 and the Goostrey Neighbourhood
Plan Policies SC2 and HOU1.

Any other points you wish to make – poor bus service, lack of other services in the village etc

51/61 Main Road appeal



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    Goostrey does not need anymore houses, the school is full, the traffic is bad if you go around the village, on all the housing estates there are hundreds of houses up for sale so why do we need anymore lets sell and fill them first

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