Paddock between 51/61 Main Road

7 houses on paddock between 51/61 Main Rd, refused. 15/3131C…………..

2 houses built – on same footprint as the 7 houses above, refused

6 houses 16/4306C refused, appeal dismissed.

The developer has been asked to withdraw 2 outstanding applications for the site (1 house 17/8060C Apr 2017, no decision ..and.. 1 plus 2 semis 17/4551C Oct 2017, no decision)

Re to the rear of two new-builds; now named 1 and 2 Fairway Drive, wonder why the infill of 51-61 numbers weren’t used.

Appeal Oct 2017: January 2018 Appeal dismissed.  Appeals page ref 3166025 . Henderson Homes lost their appeal against the decision to refuse 6 homes on their site (refused because it would impair the efficiency of JBO).  Link to application 16/4306C .

Sept 2017:  17/4451C  1 house + 2 semis. The saga continues on the paddock behind the 2 new houses opposite the entrance to Mt Pleasant.  This time the application is for a detached house and 2 semis (now classed as “social rented”) on the same footprint as houses in the earlier application where, I repeat, JBO objected to housing previously.

Feb 2017:  17/0680N  1 house.  A further attempt at development between 51/61 Main Road. This application is for just one house, behind the two recently constructed roadside – yet the footprint looks familiar to previous applications! Room for a few more?  All very well, but JBO have objected to previous applications on this site. (click the slide show below)

It is disappointing when a developer ignores the opinion of Jodrell Bank Observatory on planning applications for new houses in the village; 7 dwellings on this site were opposed. From JBO’s previous comments we understand it is the cumulative impact of additional housing that is a key consideration.

Nov 2016: 16/5254.  (withdrawn Jan 2017) An application to revise a previously approved road layout – tho strangely omits the 2 houses currently under construction along Main Rd: (click to enlarge).  Three houses were originally approved for this site – but surely such a proposal would bring the total to 4 so should require a new application (with JBO consultation).

Oct 2016:  CEC refused permission for the additional 6 homes:   Officer’s report quoting the emerging Goostrey Neighbourhood Plan.  Decision refusal notice….”unsustainable because it would impair the efficiency of the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope and this impact is considered to significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits of the scheme.”

The six homes would have been behind the 2 already under construction on the site; where they hoped to gain approval in the middle of the village despite JBO objecting to 7 dwellings on the whole site last year.  16/4306C

Feb 2016: 2 houses approved/built 15/5517C  on the site between 51 and 61 Main Road.  (A second application  for seven houses instead was refused when JBO said it would cause unacceptable interference.)

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