Parish Council object to Blackden Manor’s plans

For information/interest this is the Parish Council’s objection to Blackden Manor’s latest plan – as ‘Blackden Estate’ – to hold events there.  (the application 19/2427c on the planning page is basically for a kitchen extension):


Goostrey Parish Council (GPC) Objection to Planning Application Number 19/2427C, New Plans for Blackden Manor, Station Road Goostrey.

The Parish Council objects to the revised planning application for the following reasons.

  1. It is clearly intended that the application is not for residential purposes but that the development will operate as a commercial wedding and events venue. The owners are advertising this publicly as illustrated below, the information is from their own website and various social media sites.
  2. The advertisements show photographs of the listed building and say that it is “Cheshire’s Premier Wedding and Event Venue” and that the venue is open to the public to view as a Wedding Venue on 5th and 6th October 2019. The website makes it quite clear that the events are to be held inside the listed building for which this planning application applies:“Events in our quintessentially English, grade II listed property with views of UNESCOWorld Heritage Site”The website also says:

    “With space for up to 500 delegates plus plenty of onsite parking”

  3. As far as we are aware there is no permission at this site or building (of which the current application is an integral part) for commercial use and no entertainment or alcohol license. Commercial use would require an application and assessment of the impacts of noise, highways, lighting, car parking, impact on the listed building, impact on the Jodrell Bank Observatory among other factors.
  4. The website advertises that Tipis, glamping pods, glamping tents and glamping shepherd huts will be located on the site. “The perfect location for your Tipi can be found anywhere on the estate”. However, an application for glamping pods a short distance away on Bomish Lane was refused in 2018 (18/5000M) due to radio interference with Jodrell Bank Observatory.
  5. We note that the owners are operating a similar venue called ‘The Colony’ in Wilmslow andhave now applied for retrospective permission for use as a wedding venue (19/3302M). It appears that a similar unsatisfactory approach is being pursued in this case.
  6. ‘The Colony’ events have been the subject of a number of complaints by residents due to noise nuisance, in one case the staff have had to threaten guests with calling the police in order to stop the noise. The proposed approach of keeping doors and windows closed has not worked in hot weather when guests have opened doors and windows.
  7. We are concerned that Goostrey residents living close to Blackden Manor, particularly those near Goostrey Station will be affected by noise nuisance from similar commercial events at the Manor. Goostrey houses are less than 300m from the site and complaints about noise from The Colony have been received from residents 700m away, which would reach into Goostrey village at Church Bank.
  1. Blackden Manor lies within the ‘Inner Consultation Zone’ for the Jodrell Bank Observatoryand within the UNESCO World Heritage ‘Buffer Zone’. We are concerned that emissionsfrom LED lighting, computers, mobile phones and a range of other electronic devices in the proposed extension in this application will damage JBO’s operations, both for residential use and as “Cheshire’s Premier Wedding and Events Venue”.
  2. Overall GPC submit that this application should be refused as it is clearly intended for a purpose other than that stated in the application. If it is approved, then it should be restricted to residential use only.

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