Parking charges for Goostrey station

Goostrey has enjoyed free parking at the Station but when Holmes Chapel started parking charges it has almost seemed inevitable that Goostrey would follow suit.
A new £3.00 charge/day is to be introduced by card or phone; as you can see signs are already up and soon to be unveiled, though dropping off and picking up will still be ok.  (click pictures to enlarge)

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    3 of us tried to park our cars at Goostrey Station with 5 to 10 mins before train arrived on Friday 6th October. None of us could make the ticket machine work with cash or card. The message “paid” came up from time to time but no ticket came out of machine!! What a dreadful ticket machine. 2 of us in desperation parked in the main road only only return to find outraged resident had slapped an A4 sheet of abuse on our car with non removable tape telling us to park in the Car Park!!!

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      I hear that the residents have already approached CEC Highways to look into the danger caused by cars parking near the blind bend approaching the rail bridge, as vehicles are forced onto the wrong side of the road. I happened to see the note and would not say it was abusive…requesting that you don’t park in front of the houses near the bend as it made it difficult to get in and out of driveways. That aside, it must’ve been very annoying for the machine not to work with little time to spare….it would be worth reporting the problem to the Northern Customer Experience Centre 0800 200 6060 or write to Freepost NORTHERN RAILWAY.
      (By the way, I picked up the ‘non removable’ tape from the pavement later and put it in my bin!)

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