AD Waste plant

Aug 2015:  An application for an industrial scale anaerobic digestion plant for food waste etc on the old MoD site was refused by Cheshire East Strategic Planning Board following July 2014 permit refusal by the Environment Agency. Cres Biogas EA Refusal Notice . Application ref 12/0705W  Full details on the TAG website.

ex MoD site 2017The environmental impact of the proposed development in this location cannot be satisfactorily mitigated in this location due to its impact on sensitive receptors.” Planning liaison officer EA 8th July 2014





Nov 2016:  16/5519 resubmission of Oct 2016: 16/5071N application approved for a “micro anaerobic digestion” unit for on-farm slurry only with the AD unit sited further north. Completely different proposition – an on-farm solution.

mini AD



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