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Former chicken farm Bloor Homes proposal

update June 2014:  A new planning application 14/2840C was refused for the access road off New Platt Lane on 30th July 2014, Southern Planning Committee.

Oct 2014:  Bloor homes launch an appeal for access.


38 Homes proposed on Goostrey/Allostock boundary by Bloor homes, off New Platt lane on the site of the former Chicken farm:

1. Cheshire East  13/2631C  Cheshire East refused the access application, December 2014

2. Cheshire West 13/02468/FUL  Cheshire West approved application, 20th March 2014 [residents have complained about the process]

WEBCAST of Cheshire West’s decision meeting March 20th 60mins.

GPC speaks against proposal
GPC speaks against proposal









The site is in Cheshire West but as the proposed access is within Cheshire East’s boundary, Cheshire East Council are also considering the Bloor Homes application.

Access-road refusal, Cheshire East Southern Planning committee Dec 2013.

Cheshire East refused access application:

CEC RESOLVED that (a) That the application be REFUSED for the following reasons:

1. The Local Planning Authority has significant concerns regarding the build-ability of the access road through the chicane. On the basis of the information submitted, it is considered that the applicant has failed to demonstrate that, sufficient space would exist for adequate service strip and flood mitigation provision, and which could cause a situation to arise where it would not be possible for vehicle and pedestrian access to be safely maintained. The proposal is therefore contrary to Policy GR9 of the adopted Congleton Borough Local Plan First Review

2. The proximity of the proposed access road and subsequent vehicular traffic to serve the development would have an unsympathetic relationship and therefore a detrimental impact on the amenity of the occupiers of the adjacent dwelling. As a result the development would be contrary to Congleton Local Plan Policy GR2 and GR6.

(b) That authority be DELEGATED to the Interim Planning and Place Shaping Manager to make representations to CWAC in the event that they decide to approve the application to them, requesting that they secure the following:

· S106 contributions to increase the capacity of the existing play area at Boothbed Lane within Cheshire East:

o Enhanced Provision: £11,812.53

o Maintenance: £38,506.50

· S106 contribution of £40,000 toward the improvement of bus shelters, the provision of cycle stands and pedestrian and cycle facilities within Goostrey.


ex chicken farm

Residents of Lea Avenue and Harrison Drive had written a ‘standard’ objection letter for consideration, but the time for comments has expired. Standard Objection Letter


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