NetherLea-Hermitage Lane

Land to the east of Hermitage Lane: appeal withdrawn, no reason given. 2Sep2015

A new application was submitted under 14/1964C (refused and then appeal)

CEC planning page link:  ref 14/0081C (refused)


Hermitage Lane outline planning proposal 14/0081C for 26 houses was refused.  Notice of Decision.

Reasons for refusal have been based on the site being in Open Countryside and that Cheshire East can demonstrate a 5 year supply of housing land.  Recommendation summary document.


Southern Planning Committee date: 12th March 2014.

The application for outline planning for 26 houses was registered on 20th Dec.  The proposal was incorrectly listed under Cranage rather than Goostrey on the CEC planning page.  We understand that GPC asked questions regarding the inaccuracy, including asking for an extended commenting date.

All comments should be sent to Cheshire East 10th March using the link on the CEC planning page [link above] and copies can be sent to Goostrey parish council, and Fiona Bruce MP,

GPC discussed the proposal in brief at their 14th Jan meeting and held a separate meeting to discuss it in full with concerned residents on Saturday 25th Jan.

Read more in the on-line Knutsford Guardian article, 14th Jan 2014.


LoveGoostrey has been asked to publish the following notice by residents of Hermitage Lane and Netherlea:




A planning application has been lodged with Cheshire East for 26 new houses on the field behind Hermitage Lane / Netherlea with access via Netherlea.  It is important that as many Goostrey residents as possible object to this planning application.

We should be united in saying “NO” to any development of this size unless it is sustainable.  The Hermitage Lane development is clearly NOT sustainable. If approved this development will lead to further planning applications in Goostrey and the destruction of Goostrey as a Village.

Please take a few minutes to object to this development.

All comments / objections must be received by Cheshire East by 14th February 2014. The Planning reference is 14/0081C “Land to the East of Hermitage Lane, Cranage”. NOTE: This application has been lodged under “Cranage” although the proposed site is entirely within the boundary of Goostrey.

Preferably comments and objections should be made online via  – select the application using the reference 14/0081C and then “comment on this application”.

Or by letter (quote reference 14/0081C and your full postal address) to Head of Planning and Housing, Development Management, P O Box 606, Municipal Buildings, Crewe, CW1 9HP

The following are some reasons why you should object. Please add to these as you require:

  • The development is stated to be “infill”. This is clearly NOT the case. It is greenfield / open countryside which is accessed through the existing, small, Netherlea estate.
  • The application estimates 2 cars per property i.e. an additional 52 cars to which must be added visitors and daily delivery / service vehicles. Hermitage Lane and Netherlea are not suitable to support this constant increase in the volume of traffic. The Hermitage Lane / Main Road crossroad is already dangerous and the site of accidents / many near misses.
  • Development of this site is NOT sustainable in economic, social or environmental terms. The Health Centre, Supermarket, Post Office, Pharmacy, Primary School, Secondary School, Leisure Centre / Library, Public House, Child Care Facility, Railway Station ALL FALL OUTSIDE of the recommended distance for a “sustainable” development.  In addition, public transport links do not meet the recommended standard.
  • Unresolved drainage problems already exist in Hermitage Lane and Netherlea. The new development would connect up to the existing drainage system which would greatly increase these problems.
  • The proposed design and type(s) of the new properties is not consistent with the current properties in Netherlea and Hermitage Lane and does not enhance the character of the area.


Caroline Goodchild –, Tracey Shaw –, Malcolm Ross –



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