Shear Brook north of Main Road

REFUSED!  Appeal dismissed 24th Nov 2016.  Click the link to read full Secretary of State’s Decision.

May 2016 Appeal: Public Inquiry for 119 houses off Main Road at Shear Brook starts at 10.00am on Tuesday 17th May at Stanneylands Hotel, Wilmslow.  Members of the public are welcome to attend and to speak if they wish.  It is being opposed by both Cheshire East Council and Goostrey Parish Council.

Inquiry Ref 3129954  119 houses.  SPB committee 7th July 2015 Refused.

Details of Gladman Developments’ application for a new residential development of 119 homes on land by Shear Brook, off Main Road, can be viewed on the CEC planning page 14/5579C

Details of the initial consultation :  Public consultation leaflet and details.

EIA Environment Impact Assessment Screening Request to CEC: 14/5071S

Gladman’s evidence on NPPF to House of Commons committee.  Parliament TV July 2014

Submission to Local Plan hearings by Gladman….

Shear Brook site

  1. Some objections used:

This application is unsustainable because:

  • There are no doctors, dentists, supermarkets, banks, garages or secondary schools in Goostrey.
  • There are only limited shops and the post office is less than half time. The schools in Goostrey & Holmes Chapel are full.
  • Significant stretches of the pavement along Main Road in the centre of the village are only one person wide, and pedestrians have to step out into the road to pass each other or pass obstacles such as wheelie bins.
  • The bus service is very limited and unusable for daily commuting. (There are no buses before 9:30 or after 14:30 and none on Sundays & Bank Holidays). Weekday parking is full at the train station and there is already significant on road parking.
  • There is no significant employment in Goostrey so there would be unsustainable daily commuting by car.
  • Some of the roads out of Goostrey have dangerous narrow stretches; in particular the blind stretch before the hump back bridge at the station, where pedestrians walk along the road to access the far platform, along Church Bank where it is only one vehicle wide and the narrow bridge near Clay Bank on Booth Bed Lane. Going North or West requires joining or crossing the A50. This stretch is a designated Red Route, one of the most dangerous A roads in Cheshire.
  • There will be more than 200 extra cars on our roads which will become less safe, particularly at school times.
  • There will be a permanent loss of economically valuable agricultural land
  • The development is less than 2 miles from Manchester University’s Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope. Radio frequency interference will damage the nationally and internationally important research.
  • The proposal is in Open Countryside, outside the village settlement boundary, contrary to Cheshire East policies in both prior and emerging Local Plans.
  • There will be a detrimental impact on the landscape from Main Road and from the existing footpath that runs alongside the site towards Swanwick Hall.

Anything else you feel strongly about!

Shear Brook residents group:

Trevor Shepherd, 01477 535887 e-mail:

Stuart Thorley, 01477 532445

David Johnson, 01477 549718 e-mail:

1st January 2015

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