Planning Inspector’s ShearBrook report

The Planning Inspector for the Gladman inquiry back in May (for 119 houses by Shear Brook) has now completed his report and sent it on to the Secretary of State at the DCLG, Sajid Javid MP, for his determination.

However the Inspector’s report is not published yet, and won’t be until the decision by Sajid Javid is made: the date given for the determination is “on or before” 24th November 2016 ( but there is always the possibility that it might get delayed/postponed).

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    Jury out for less than three months; wish I was a solicitor so I’d know whether that was a good or bad sign…

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      Best not to look for signs! And it might depend on how full his in-tray is…..

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    The million dollar question is whether the drive to build more houses is worth the impact on Jodrell Bank’s research. We do need to build more houses, but in sensible locations ..

    I see from CE’s own housing requirement assessment in Holmes Chapel’s Neighbourhood Plan , ‘Goostrey’ is required to take a minimum of 238 houses. An increase in the size of the village by 25%-30%!!!

    From the evidence provided by Jodrell Bank at the Gladman enquiry this is clearly a nonsense, as the biggest contribution to radio interference are the existing residents of Goostrey. We alone currently exceed the internationally agreed threshold values for radio interference by 4000% (Gladman’s own estimate), with the Gladman development increasing the overall interference by a further 10% . Interestingly the closer the proposed development to Jodrell Bank, the interference increases exponentially! Is it really sustainable to add more ‘pollution’ to an already ‘polluted’ environment ? The only ray of hope is the requirement in the Local Plan for Holmes Chapel to meet the housing needs of Goostrey. Holmes Chapel already have a surplus of 250+ houses in excess of their quota..

    The above is a clear indication that further large scale development in Goostrey is not sustainable. Cheshire East should not have classified Goostrey as a LSC based on its proximity to Jodrell Bank, they managed to declassify Styal based on its proximity to Wilmslow and Styal is over twice the size of Goostrey with similar services !!!

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