Please donate old specs to Tibet kids

PLEASE help David Giles collect as many used pairs of glasses (spectacles) as possible  over the next three weeks – especially children’s glasses.
David explains why:
“A very close friend of mine, Sarah Wood, who is an optician and runs Park Lane Opticians in Macclesfield, is going out to see her daughter Ella who is helping to teach children in a remote mountain village in Tibet.  Ella has emailed her mother to say that there are a lot of children in the village in Tibet who are not able to learn to read properly because they do not have glasses.  This is because they do not have access to an optician and cannot afford the cost of glasses. So her Mum Sarah is going out to Tibet on the 16th of March for a few weeks and is planning to take a suitcase of glasses with her.
This is not a scam, I am not asking for money, PLEASE will you give me your old glasses so that they may be used to improve the sight for a child in this village in Tibet.
You can leave your glasses at my house (The Note House, Harrison Drive) or leave them in the Post Box at the Scout Hut, or in the top drawer of the filing cabinet just inside the front door of the Scout hut. **No later than the 10th March please.
If you feel like making a small donation towards the cost of some new lenses, they cost £10 a pair – however your glasses will be enough.
By going through my drawers at home I have found 10 pairs! help me to make it 100 please!!  Thank you so much.”   David Giles – Group Scout Leader
David E Giles
Telephone +44 (0) 7836 230195

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