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Malcolm Ross 19 December 2013.  Hermitage Lane

Having read the last 2 updates from  Cheshire East I am totally confused – but maybe that’s the idea. First we are now going to be a Local service Centre no matter what the objections we all submitted – “the arguments made are not considered to contradict the decision” It seems the decision was already made and nothing anyone said could change their minds. It then states we are expected to accommodate 50 houses but only after a new “consultation’ and plan in 2014. Then we read “we are close to achieving the 5 year housing supply already” yet “Local Service Centres have to accommodate 2,500 new homes!”

I seem to recall finding in the local plan, sites that were considered suitable for development, unsuitable and those already with planning permission. Can someone please direct me to it, the Cheshire East site is almost impenetrable.

So an application to build East of Hermitage Lane seems to be completely against 1) “Core Strategy does not however include any proposals for residential development to take place in Goostrey.” 2) “Site Allocations and Development Policies Document which will be produced during 2014 and will undergo a full public consultation process.”  (all quotes from Cheshire East)

So not only are we close to the housing supply, there are no proposals for residential development in Goostrey and we haven’t produced a Site Allocation document  for any sites, yet we have a proposal to build houses East of Hermitage Lane!!!!!

– Strategic Housing Land Assessment Availability: SHLAA page on Cheshire East website.

GooGav 18 December 2013. Response from CEC Leader Cllr Jones

Thank you so much for this.  Yes, it was me with the witty query, if only as I know how laissez-faire my negotiating skills are when dealing with the potential loss of rural life and nicotine withdrawal!

Seriously though, I am warily optimistic by Cheshire East’s response, and could personally tolerate 50 more houses, but would question:

1.  Why was Goostrey initially told it would be reclassified as a Sustainable Village instead of an LSC, only to then later be told (by the same organisation) that we won’t be reclassified and the research carried before all this started confirmed that we were an LSC in the first place?  How can we trust them now?   2.  Are Cheshire East liaising with Cheshire West?  If Cheshire West build on our border, surely it could be agreed that – one way or another – Goostrey has had its fair share of development?  It would be interesting to see what joy Bunbury have had, given that they are also a border-village with Cheshire West.


Any news on the final response from “Goostrey” at the end of the 2nd Consultation?  E.g.  Numbers who contacted Cheshire East, Where we go from here etc.

Also, why hasn’t someone just approached the Head of Whatever and just simply asked them why Goostrey has been wrongly-classified?  I give up smoking soon (an annual tradition) so am more than happy to volunteer.  :-)

H Kenny 13 December 2013

I strongly object to any excessive developement in Goostrey Village as this will be a death knell to continued village life.

Tim Tucker |February 10 2013

I strongly agree that Goostrey is totally unsuitable to be classed as an LSC and should be opposed as strongly as possible.

DAVID ANDREW PREECE |February 16 2013

Goostrey is totally unsuitable area for any further development, the existing infrastructure cannot possibly handle an increase in the population of the village, and let`s not forget, a village is exactly what it is. The only place nearby that could possibly be termed `A local service centre`, is of course Holmes Chapel.  So, certainly not, no more development in Goostrey, please !

Vickie Henderson |February 16 2013  

Absolutely right.  When we moved into Goostrey we accepted the need for travel to Holmes Chapel or Knutsford for basic services – doctor, dentist, banking, library, the weekly shop, post-eleven education – as the price for choosing to live in a rural community and look out onto fields and trees.  If we wanted to live in a serviced area – without the need to travel elsewhere – we’d have chosen to live in Holmes Chapel.  Goostrey is clearly a Sustainable Village, not a Local Service Centre.  Grouping us with Cranage, Twemlow and Swettenham to make the population numbers “fit” the criteria is ridiculous.  Nobody in Goostrey travels to these villages for their non-existant facilities and nor do they travel to Goostrey.  We all go to Holmes Chapel and Knutsford.

J D and M C Miles |February 21 2013

Goostrey is not a local service centre because: Goostrey is a village not a small town. It has a village atmosphere, open spaces minimal industry and development. The future plan thus should focus on infill new build in line with the retention of the existing environment. That is why we live here! You need to re-evaluate the local service centre status and change it to sustainable village. That is what it is! Come and have a look.

Gav | May 31 2013   

Surely we can say to Cheshire East “Come on!  We are a border village, and Cheshire West are planning a development right on our boundary.  Work together and agree that Goostrey has taken its reasonable quota”.  To be expected to accept a development right on the village border and then ANOTHER in the village is taking the mickey.

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